...quel tuffo nella Valle d'Itria in sella a vecchie bici da corsa


Art.1 General features

La Matta is a NON-competitive cycle ride with vintage bicycles, racing or otherwise, prior to 1987. The route winds through the streets of the Itria Valley and these will be open to traffic throughout the event; all participants must respect the Highway Code.

The organization declines all responsibility for damage to third parties, persons or things, which may occur during the whole event and the same reserves the right to exclude from the “La Matta” event the participants who will have an incorrect, violent and offensive behavior. It is compulsory to have a kit for repairs and for punctures.

Art.2 Routes

The Matta includes two routes, one of 35km (called SHORT) and one of 85km (called LONG). Both routes start from the center of Noci, the LONG one from 12 noon while the SHORT one at 3 p.m. They will wind along the urban and suburban Provincial roads of Itria Valley, then return to Noci. Along the entire route there will be signs and arrows to indicate the route, in addition in the race pack there will be a travel booklet with all the useful numbers to call in case of emergency. At the end of each track there will be a van, made available by the Association, which will follow the procession as the END OF THE RACE.

Art.3 Registration

Registration will be closed on June 03, 2023 and the cost of the registration fee varies as listed, both online and on-site:

  • Registration fee from 01.01.23 – to 02.06.23: € 30.00 (ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSED on 02.06.23)
  • Registration fee on 03.06.23: € 35.00 (payable only in cash at the Cloister of the Poor Clares – 70015 Noci (Ba)

It is possible to register from the website www.lamatta.org , by completing the SIGN UP form in the REGISTRATION space in every single part. 

The registration fee includes the race pack which includes:

  • the race number to be attached to the jersey;
  • third party insurance coverage;
  • refreshments along the routes;
  • pasta party at the end of the event;

For non-participants there will be the possibility to purchase a “pasta party” ticket at a reduced price.

Art.4 Admission criteria: the bike

Only bicycles with the following characteristics will be allowed at the start:

  • racing bike before 1987 (no track, no time trial, no cyclocross), with gear levers on the down tube, pedals equipped with toe clips and straps (no type of quick release is allowed) and passages of the brake wires outside the handlebar.
  • walking bicycles with gears or freewheel, retro ‘, mosquito ( ALLOWED FOR SHORT ROUTE ONLY )

Underage participants can participate only and only with the presence of an adult at their side. During the event, the participant can change the choice of the tour, whether short or long, upon notification to the Organization.

Art. 5 Clothing

Participants are also obliged to wear vintage or inspirational clothing, or woolen sweaters and shorts, avoiding to show clothing with recently manufactured technical materials. The Organization reserves the right not to admit cyclists with farcical or mocking clothing or attitudes to the start.

Art. 6 Methods of payment

Only the following forms of payment will be accepted:

  • bank transfer made out to: NOCI VINTAGE CYCLE AND NOCI MTB BIKERS

Via Anselmo Quite 1, 70015 Noci (Ba)                                     

IBAN : IT 82 X 02008 41581 000104863995

  • Credit Card following the instructions from the site, filling out the form and performing the “checkout”
  • cash upon registration at the “Chiostro delle Clarisse” – 70015 Noci (Ba)

The procedures for registration are shown in Article 3

Art.7 Delivery Numbers

Participants will be able to collect the dorsal by presenting a copy of a valid document, a copy of the payment and of the documentation requested by the Organizing Company.


USE OF THE HELMET In this regard, the text of the UISP regulation is reported, to which the event conforms: Art. 37 – HISTORICAL RECURRENCIES – VINTAGE CYCLING TOURISTS In these special events, (free excursion walks) the use of historical looms is authorized , traditional costumes, vintage clothing and accessories, on routes that include both asphalt and dirt roads, cart tracks, etc. The performance observes the technical rules of the cycling activity; the regulation of these period events may provide for, for those who participate with historical bikes and clothing, the derogation from the use of hard helmets (striped helmets, hats, etc.). The insurance of the organization and of the participants is similar to the remaining UISP cycling activity.

Art. 9 Complaints

Any complaints must be sent to the organization exclusively via the email reclami@lamattaciclostoricapugliese.com  within the following ten days of the publication of the list of arrivals.

Art.10 Cancellation of the event

If, due to force majeure, the event does not take place, the amount paid at the time of registration will not be refunded.

Art. 11 Declaration of responsibility

By asking to participate in La Matta, each participant declares to have read and approved these regulations and to accept all of its parts;

  • it is the guarantor of its behavior during and after the event;
  • declares to be in good physical condition and to have undergone an aptitude medical examination for competitive cycling or cycling, providing the organization with the widest indemnity for any damage that may be suffered in

consequence of your participation in the event;

  • expresses consent to the use of your data, including for commercial purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Law n. 196 of 30/06/2003;
  • grants the organizers the widest possible consent to the use, in the ways permitted by law, including for profit, of each of its video, photographic images, etc. filming on the days of the event, providing the organization with the right to transfer these images to third parties from the moment of registration;
  • expressly authorizes the organization, free of charge, to use images, fixed and / or moving, portraying himself, taken during the event, on all days of its duration. This authorization for the use of one’s own image must be understood as granted indefinitely and without territorial limits throughout the world, for use in various publications and films, including, by way of example and not limited to, promotional materials and / or advertising and made on all media. The organization may also transfer the rights of use provided for in this agreement to third parties and its institutional and commercial partners. The organization declines all responsibility for itself and its collaborators, for accidents or damage to people or things, which may occur before, during and after the event or as a result of the same. It also reserves the right to exclude from the event cyclists who will have an incorrect behavior before, during and after the same.