...that dip in the Itria Valley riding old racing bikes.

...that dip in the Itria Valley riding old racing bikes.


Best Ciclostorica in Italy

Award given by the Giro d'Italia d'Epoca.

Best Ciclostorica in Italy

Award given by the Giro d'Italia d'Epoca.


La Matta Children

Recognition for the event dedicated to children and aimed at fostering social inclusion.


La Matta is a ride with vintage bicycles through the streets of the Itria Valley, riding bikes with cage pedals, brake wires external to the handlebars, with gearshift levers on the frame, wearing vintage wool sweaters high-necked, original or reproduced by skilled craftsmen. These enthusiasts certainly struggle much more than those who whiz on the most modern models, but it is an effort that gives priceless satisfaction.
Not being competitive, La Matta therefore allows you to stop and fully enjoy the Itria Valley, breathtaking scenery and unspoiled nature.

La Matta traditionally takes place on the first Saturday of June, when in Puglia the climate is almost summer and the scents that come from the woods and fields fill not only the lungs of the Fools but also their hearts, leaving an indelible memory pedal after pedal. . There are two routes at the moment. One short of 35km and one long of 75km.

Jun 03, 2023
La Matta - Ciclostorica Pugliese, Via Porta Putignano, 70015 Noci BA, Italy

All the emotions of the past 2022 edition

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the routes

The start is at 12:00 pm and is the only cyclostoric to start in the afternoon. We want you to appreciate the Apulian landscape with the sunset lights and the warm scents of our land. The banner of the Departure is in the ancient village of the town of Noci, the first to start is the Lungo and after a few minutes the Corto.

The cobbled streets will already divide the participants, both groups will leave the urban center behind and immerse themselves in the countryside of the Itria Valley. The Lungo group in the direction of Martina Franca, on the streets of the “via vecchia”, while the Corto will pedal carefree to reach  Alberobello, the City of Trulli and Unesco World Heritage Site famous all over the world.

the Short

Here the Corto will make its first refreshment stop at the Medieval Barsento Church, a quick buffet and then pedal to Alberobello and make its second refreshment stop in Largo Martellotta. The forces will now be restored and it will be time to walk across the trulli area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, and resume the march to return to Noci. It is about 35km with gentle hill climbs and no special training is needed!

The Long

Leaving behind the cobblestones of Noci’s historic center, those on the “long” side dive into a first part of the valley route, ideal for loosening up muscles and pulling off rust, along back roads framed by dry stone walls (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) that flow through lush green forests and brown earth, through golden fields and the red of poppies.

Awaiting us is our first flying refueling and the Baroque wonders of Martina Franca and its old town, which we will walk through to fully admire its architectural wonders and opulent stately palaces.

Back in the saddle and off we go again to Pineta Ulmo and its majestic trees, from which begins the 13-kilometer stretch to be traveled on a beaten white road: this is the Ciclovia dell’Acqua (Water Cycleway) that branches out among Mediterranean scrub and endless bridges with breathtaking views of the ancient service roads of the Pugliese Aqueduct, a historic and precious work for our “thirsty land.”

We are more than halfway through our tour and already on the horizon is the enchanting Cisternino, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. But to reach such beauty a little bit we have to “suffer” on the first real roughness of the day that will take us to the foot of the ancient medieval fortifications. From there, in a continuous succession of alleys, arches and widenings to walk through we will reach Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III for the second refreshment among walls and stones that taste of history.

At the touch of the Clock Tower it will already be time to get back in the saddle, not before taking one last look at the Itria Valley, which can be seen in all its beauty from here. We can already see the next stop on the horizon amidst the continuous ups and downs of the back roads that pass through some of its 147 contrade: it is Locorotondo, also one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and an orange flag of the Touring Club Italia. The paved ascent of Via XX Settembre launches us onto the Belvedere, a white balcony over the Murgia dei Trulli and the Itria Valley that will once again repay our labors.

As the sun begins to set and the shadows lengthen, Alberobello awaits our passage, when the whiteness of the lime and the limestone chianche of the trulli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be invaded and pervaded by the golden glow of the golden hour.

The finish line now seems closer, but just when everything seems to be gently drawing to a close, here we are at the foot of the last difficulty of the route: the climb that leads to the Church of Santa Maria di Barsento, an ancient 6th-century A.D. church set on a hill between Alberobello and Noci. Here the last refreshment with fresh fruit and water to recharge energy for the sprint to the finish line in the central Piazza Garibaldi in Noci. The curious looks of the children, the applause of the adults, and the enthralling party notes at “La Matta Village”…fatigue set in, but will it have been worth it?

The route is about 90km with 1000mt of total elevation gain: spirit of adventure, equipment for all eventualities (punctures, unforeseen events) and some training are highly recommended!



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June 03, 2023
La Matta - Ciclostorica Pugliese, Via Porta Putignano, 70015 Noci BA, Italy


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vito nardulli la matta ciclostorica pugliese

Vito Luciano Nardulli

He does not yet know who he is and much less where he wants to go, but he has a certainty in his life: he will continue to live with happiness accompanied by the infinite pleasure that the bicycle can give him. Ultra-in love with his little Simona, he is a morbid father to exhaustion and at the same time a caring companion.

Vintage Noci Cycle President

Creator of “La Matta”


giulio de tintis la matta ciclostorica pugliese

Giulio de Tintis

“In the evening, when I go to bed, I always try to make myself remember what I dream. Punctually the morning after my failure, I don’t even remember sleeping. That’s how I decided to daydream, pedaling and breathing my earth. Falling in love with all this and trying to convey our DREAM “

Vice President of the Vintage Noci Cycle

Creator of “La Matta”

Communication and Marketing

nicola ivan bruno la matta ciclostorica pugliese

Nicola Ivan Bruno

Lawyer – cyclist with a poetic streak.

Always ready to advise the right direction to follow in the endless roads of bureaucracy.


Apparently a distinct person but who hides his Peter Pan-tani well as soon as he gets on his Colnago.

Vintage Noci Cycle Secretary

Administrative Area Manager

maurizio agrusti la matta ciclostorica pugliese

Maurizio Agrusti

Having graduated as an accountant, he works in the family moving company, who better than him can take care of accounting and at the same time coordinate all the logistics work? NOBODY


It’s just like in the photo, always kind and smiling with everyone … and how not to be with a wife who bakes sweets at all hours !?

Vintage Noci Cycle Treasurer
Logistics Area Manager

simone intini la matta ciclostorica pugliese

Simone Intini

Born in 1971, he reinvents himself as a cyclist after many years of handball behind him. Tireless worker together with his brother in their marble company, a caring father and an exceptional life partner.

His determination and his sincere friendship is our winning weapon.

Vintage Noci Cycle Advisor

Routes Manager




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